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    Richard Paul Spens  28515  Seven Mile Rd.  Livonia, MI  
                                      phone#  (248) 474 -2799          e-mail
To: Staff Recruiter                                                       January 19, 2004         
My experience includes 12 years in design, 10 years in testing, and 7 years fabricating parts and assemblies. With proven success in
solving engineering problems from concept through production, I believe I could make immediate results in your
product. I am pleased
to have the opportunity to apply for your position as
Design Engineer.
Highlights of my accomplishments include:
·                      Transformed a dysfunctional prototype into a successful product line.  Received U.S. patent #5,588,257 for garage door
opener.  Assigned to company.
·                      Completed value added plastic gear case assembly, improved design, eliminated previous processing problems and
resultant part failures through an improved structure and material selection.  Reduced assembly time by 20% and QC rejects by 80%.
·                       Designed and implemented use of inspection gauges for output shaft that resolved disputes between vendors and
·                        Redesigned garage door opener using 3D CAD which reduced size, improved lighting, increased ease of customer
installation, and reduced cost ($108.78 to $96.67).
·                    .  Considered and resolved constraints of UL standards on manufacturing cost and development schedule.  Saved one
month in UL regulatory review time loss.
·                       Mocked up, tested, and machined custom connector, built mold, and cast 80 plastic assemblies saving six to eight weeks
of prototype tooling time quoted by supplier.  Saved potential loss of project due to incompletion of a critical junction.
For me, engineering is not just a job, it is my passion to understand, design build and fix .  From my childhood projects, through my
choice of education, to practicing all of my hobbies, designing and building mechanical and electrical gadgets have defined me.
Most importantly, I can quickly analyze your project, learn your objectives, and goals and do my very best to aid you in getting there.  I do
hope we can meet for a short time so I could explain more fully the valuable contributions I could make as your design engineer.  I can
be reached at  
(248) 474-2799.
Thank you for your valuable time and consideration.
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