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My Semi Short resume
Richard Paul Spens  28515  Seven Mile Rd.  Livonia, MI  48152-3501              phone#  (248) 474 -2799             
Objective: Product Engineer          Apply my BSMET Degree and 12 yrs hands-on design & project
organizational experience of concept through production of mechanical & Electrical devices, power
transmission, testing & development, fabrication, project management & patent # 5,588,257 put in
production. Production cost analysis of competing designs evaluated.  UL and CSA requirements
application, if required. Product development schedules maintained with critical point reviews in a team
environment.  Testing performed in simulated and real-life environments prior to market introduction. I have
an additional 7 years experience in fabricating my own parts and assemblies.
1986- - 2010  Project Engineer  RPS Enterprises, Howell, MI      4/1996 -6-2010                                        *     I  maintain and kept up with
the latest engineering trends by continuously reviewing and preparing to apply the latest concepts from the many trade magazines I
continue to receive. I attended many engineering trade shows such as advanced productivity & gear expo                                                         
               *     Formulated spur Gear design and manufacturing program that calculates 35 interrelated solutions using 3 input variables.
Accelerated the design machining & inspection of manufactured gears and gear sets.                
*     Fabricated and sold from photos in a trade magazine College classroom interactive display set of geometric models, calculated
angles and scaled size, improved student visualization & comprehension 100%.            
*     Devised, Constructed and posted my own dot com. web page that helps me to network with other collectors of my antique
machinery hobby, that can be  viewed.at   Antiquemachinery.com                                                                                                                                  
                                                                              *     Conceived, developed, made drawings and constructed many mechanical projects. I
bought & rebuilt 7 machine tools to .001 accuracy.    
*    Consulted Electro-mechanical, & Chemical design development & fabrication of Spectroscopic automated environmental water
analyzer and also on a handicapped limb replacement skin and structure.

Project/Design Engineer           1986 - 1996          Stanley Home Automation, A division of the Stanley Works (SWK), 41700 Gardenbrook
Dr., Novi, MI  
 ,  ........Reported to the Product Line Manager and Engineering Manager.  Responsible for all mechanical research, design,
and production support of the residential garage door opener product line.  Requirements included UL/CSA approval and validation,
manufacturing engineering, product testing, production cost analysis, and evaluation of cost reduction/avoidance proposals.                      
                                                                                                                                                                     *  Completed value added plastic gear case
assembly, improved design, eliminated previous processing problems and resultant  part failures through an improved structure and
material selection.  Reduced assembly time by 20% and QC rejects by 80%.  
*  Designed and implemented use of inspection gauges for output shaft that resolved disputes between vendors and engineering.           
                                           *  Redesigned garage door opener using 3D CAD which reduced size,  reduced cost $108.78 to 99.870 ,  
improved lighting, increased ease of customer installation.  
* Correctly redefined drawing and QC specifications, vendor process requirements, and built identical gauges for both our QC and the
vendor for plastic timing gear system (molded plastic gears in use) instead of a machined gear set previously specified. Prevented
breaking and skipping of teeth on gears. Avoided an additional product recall.
Mechanical Designer/ Mechanical 12/1983 - 4/1986
     Bell Northern Research (NORTEL, Northern Telecom R&D division) 100
Phoenix Dr., Ann Arbor, MI
Reported to Mechanical Group Leader.  Worked with mechanical and electrical engineers on designing,
fabricating, and assembling parts and mechanisms using worst-case analysis.  Developed and maintained to latest revision
prototypes and documentation of computer modules.  Performed product verification through functionality, noise, vibration, and thermal
tests.  Assignments involved improving design, testing vibration and noise of main power supply, EMF shielding of transformer,
developing electro-mechanical interlocks, and overcoming power supply bus insertion problems.                                                          *    
Resolved constraints of UL standards on manufacturing cost and development schedule.  Saved one month in UL regulatory review
time loss.                              *  Built, tested, and machined custom connector, built mold, and cast 80 plastic assemblies saving 6 to 8
weeks proto. tooling time.

Other employment during College  12/1983 - 6/1978:
Mechanical Designer/Specification Verification Test/ Mechanical Technician/Drafting checker/Prototype Machine Builder/Forman/Steel
fabricator & Machine set up/ Machinist/Truck delivery/Parts Manager/ Lath operator.                                        12/1983 - 6/1978
Education:   * Lawrence Institute of Technology, 1983, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, graduated cum laude *  Electronic Engineering
Technology degree two-thirds complete.     * Two-year high school vocational  cert. in Machine Trades, 3.0 GPA.
Continuing Education:    Computer literacy: Built custom System  from scratch reinstalled hardware and software at  least 7 times .
classes at WELCH on Word Excell.  CAD-CAM experience on Applicon, Gerber, and Grafteck    Engineering training courses:
CAD/CAM 3-D design for CAD-KEY. Boothroyd-Dewherst's design for manufacture and assembly, ANSI Geometric Tolerance and
Dimensioning, AGMA Gear design, inspection and manufacture, Underwriters Laboratory applying recognized materials and
components, General Electric Plastics, material selection and Design for Mfg.
Awards:     Dean's List -2 yrs  LTU,     Deans List -1 yr, Schoolcraft College.     Top 12% nationally on academic comprehension test
Referances: Available on request from Ford, Crash test manager, former supervisors ect.
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