The  NAMES model engineering show in
Toledo, Ohio 2005,  
and the St. Clair Machine Shop.     
A neat ornate building in Toledo (top), The St. Clair Machine
Shop. Views of the origional converted machine shop complete
with the orgional ceiling crane still in place protruding from the
building ready to  lift the load of machine parts that  havent come
in 80 years.
Elijah said "I didn't like it...
because I had to leave."
The history of
technology &  
it's affects has
gone on a long
time.   It  will
predict  and
lead to our
Triple Expansion
steam engine model  
Above,  An wagon wheel height loading dock in rear
of an shop right out of the 1880's.  
Triple Expansion
steam and boiler,
Yaught 40 long