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4. See it, feel it, Live it.
 Working in 1890's detroit
Industrial shops. not just dirt
grease and pain, and horseplay

Experience Your
Grandfathers life long ago.
How he Built it for you today.
I buy antique machines for my hands on
museum, to demonstrate what he did for
you to build the life you now have. How
you can, use brainpower not just
technology but be creative as he and
they were.
1890-Wodward and Congress. Bicycles are
now-in-abundance-rails-horse-drawn trolley.
                                          This is your walk to work downtown in 1890.
1890-electricity by Detroit Edison via H Ford's boss,
street-a-wet-foot dumping
right into there river.
Real steam ships, the first bob lo boat? at left.
Walk fast,Dont got mowed down by a camraman or a
horse. 1890s-Detroit-Michigan-Woodward-nw-corner-
across-the_street-in-the-gay-ninetys-Stop by Sanders soda
fountain, if you got a nickle.