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Hamtramck, Michigan. Machine and railing shop, July 2009
Come in and work for the Machine and railing shop,
One day I recieved a call from a guy
who liked to swear, tell bad stories,
and bargan way too much,
but we made a deal anyway...see left
to the sorta owner trading remarks...
It's not often a shop overwealms me and I
admit it, this one did, in many levels.
Rigging out the 1800 lb planer Made by Lathe and Morse tool co. ,
a grinder, the 2 inch dia 30 foot lineshaft, and 6 countershafts.
I tried out the
1920's lathe.

I think it was
made for
short people
who never
got enough
red meat as
a child.

Take a cold
dirty bath
Punch in to the
timeclock with
your very own
persional card, if
the boss is'nt
looking, punch in
the shop bully or
you buddy (who
is late) also as he
You have your choice of
delightful work areas
and work benches.
you're the
and spend
10 houres
a day here
stubbed your toe

Some of your tools
 fell off the desk
again.  look down
The owner looks you
over, wonders if he
really wants to deal
with looking for more  
warm bodies....(read
willing people to work
here for his ego
and tells you to get
started on something.

Yes, this is really his
chair and office.
Well,bright spot...
there is a nice tin ornate
ceiling to count the holes in.
here it is....
your machine,
poking out from the
clutter just as I first
saw it , is it really ,
that old ?.
Pull the railings off
it while the owner
yells at you
slanderously for
moving stuff.

The junk on it,
hiding and
protecting it for the
last 40years from all
the scrap hungry  
But I dig deeper
than Most.
here it is, your
reward for all
this 90 deg heat,  
the smell of the
garbage not
picked up, The
total lack of
visable light,
the "Don't touch
that, no I won't
let that  #4@!&#  
thing go."
But he finally
relented under
shock and awe.

She as
tempermental as
the old man,
Every time you
move a handle
to do something
a shim falls out
on the floor you
have to slide
back in place to
hold the pieces
if it in place, all
provided by
some long gone
short cut
machinist to
hold some
to tolerance.
Rewarding and
relaxing work.
Check in with the
parinoid tool crib
NAZI and his one
light bulb to see if
he has anything
left you can use
( he will tell you
about) and  sign it
out with blood
oaths to get the
job done with
Do I see a bookshelf for
I got the 24 inch
jumbo wheel
grinder too,
you know
just in case,
the world ends
and I have to
single handedly
rebuild it.
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