Shops-----The Davis Machine Shop,
Awendaw, South Carolinia.  Antique-Vintage-old-Flat-Belt-Machines
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Enclosed you will find the CD of what remains of my machine shop. The
images are in a couple different folders on the CD. Some are higher
resolution than others. I hope they will suit your needs to post on your website.
The Davis Machine Shop was built in 1946 by my father and grandfather, George J. Davis Sr. and Jr. It
is located in Awendaw, S.C. at 6304 Hwy. 17 North.
The equipment put in place at that time and some of which is still there today, was purchased from a
machine shop that was going out of business in Georgetown, S.C.
I am interested in selling that equipment which remains. I don't want to see it go to scrap. I can be
reached at the addresses below. You are welcome to give out my contact information to all
legitimately interested parties. Hope to be hearing from you in the future.

            George J. Davis III
, Last