1890 sawmill blade and table
End view of the sawmill table
saw and a half.
1900's side view small cast iron sawmill
The  sawmill Love Shack, and the trail above to nowhere.
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1890's cast iron
 table type
sawmill  24 i
Homemade wood frame,  table type sawtable
20 inch blade.
A circ. 1900 1920 Frick 7 by 10 Stationary steam engine, unrestored  that used to drive the
A horse drawn, steel framed, Road Grader,
circ. 1900 -1920. The Galion Iron Works and
Manufacturing Co. Galion, OHIO
A 1880's-1910 cast iron frame Wood Jointer.
A 1880's-1910 small 18 inch planer.
A 1880's-1910 cast iron frame Wood Jointer.
Homemade wood frame, table type
Table Saw  with apx. 20 inch blade.
Under the roof. The storage area missed
by most, but I dig deeper than
most....more antique machines.
Put the kids and
Charles in jail
The Pauly-jail bld.
mfd co.
successor to F J
pauly Lever-
lock-pat. 1874
St Louis Mo.