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The Henery Ford Museum
T homas A. Edison, ADD Rules.
What I found About Thomas A
Edison's three favorite places.
The Henry Ford Museum.
Naples, Fla
West Orange, NJ

     The Edison-NJ Machine Shop.
  Some of the items can be seen today, for instance,
elephant hide, walms hide, whalebone, vegetable
ivory, a block of felt, and a large turtle shell,
plus all sorts of metal stock, and tools. Edison's "junk
pile" reflects one of the reasons his laboratory was
unique - a real "invention factory" where
lack of equipment would never hinder the rapid
progress being made.

  Edison and his laboratory staff in 1893 The
inventor is seated in the center of the front row with
W. K. L. Dickson his principal aide in the
development of the motion picture camera third from
the right in the second row.
To the most Important
thing, machines,
machines machines.
Brown and sharpe gear
cutting machine  with a
plate indexer.
Gunstock copying
machine or Ax handle
To  Edison's
Machine shop