Catalog, American Tool Co. Ohio.U.S.A,
Lathe Attachments, taper attachment, plain
relieving, relief attachment for maching cutters,
irc 1920-s.
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  2. The Warner & Swasey Company, Cleveland        9
  3. Double Friction Countershaft
  4. Multiple Disc Type
  5. four tapped holes for attaching flanged tools. The turret is automatically indexed by the
    backward movement of the slide. A large steel stud upon which it revolves, holds the
    turret firmly to its seat. The stud is tapered, providing adjustment for wear, and is
    bored so that stock can pass through the turret. This construction allows short stiff
    tools to be used. A lock bolt operates vertically into hardened and ground taper
    bushings and is located at the front end of the slide almost directly under the working
  6. Eight power feeds are obtained through a gear box, and are engaged and disengaged by
    a friction clutch at the saddle. Independent adjustable stops operate for each turret face.
    These can be set to throw out the power feed at any point desired.
  7. Carriage
  8. The carriage is provided with eight power longitudinal feeds and eight power cross
    feeds. Six independent adjustable stops carried on a stop roll throw out the longitudinal
    feed. In direction of feed, the carriage is independent of the turret. The cross-slide is
    fitted with a large graduated dial and adjustable indicators for accurately gauging the
    depth of cut. When heavy forming cuts are taken the carriage may be locked to the bed
    by means of a binder handle.
  9. A square turret and a tool post are mounted on the cross slide. A second tool post
    which can be substituted for the square turret is also furnished.
  10. The turret is indexed without lifting from its seat.
  11. Perfect alignment and adjustments are assured by hardened and ground Tapered
    wearing surfaces. This feature is patented and makes possible accurate duplication of
  12. Taper and chasing attachments are furnished as extras. These greatly increase the
    working range of the machine and permit finishing on this Turret Lathe work for which
    engine lathes were formerly required.
  13. Taper Attachment
  14. The taper attachment will turn tapers up to 3 inches to the foot, in lengths of 6 inches.
    The tool block of this attachment slides on a base which is fitted to the cross slide.
    When the cross-slide is put in motion longitudinally for cutting the taper, the tool block
    is guided by a plate installed at the back of the machine. The operation of the square
    and hexagon turrets is not affected by the installation of the taper attachment.
  15. Chasing Attachment
  16. The chasing attachment for cutting threads from 3 to 32 pitch, operates by means of a
    leader and follower, quick return being effected by a leader threaded in the opposite
    direction. A micrometer screw attached to the cross slide provides a fine adjustment for
    the depth of cut. A single lever controls the followers for both leaders, thus governing
    the chasing feed and the quick return for the tool. When ordering leaders and followers,
    specify pitch desired.
  17. Countershaft
  18. A newly designed multiple friction disc countershaft is part of the equipment of the
    geared friction head machine. This countershaft meets fully the exacting conditions of
    present day high speed manufacturing, in a manner not possible with other designs.
  19. The shock of reversing is absorbed by the hardened steel plates which make up the
  20. A tight and loose pulley countershaft accompanies the all geared head model.
  21. Tight and Loose Pulley Countershaft
10        No. 4 Universal Turret Lathe

A Bar Job on a No. 4 Universal
This fan shaft is finished in four minutes.
The numbers on the turrets show the order of operations and the exact
tools used are listed on the left sid
<",r+        of this page. Tools on the cross slide operate simultaneously with tools on
~        the hexagon turret having the same
This is a typical example of the use of a standard machine equipped with standard tools. A
wide range of bar work can be finished using the tools in this set-up. These tools were
chosen from the Warner & Swasey stock of standard tools described in detail in
nnr ratalno' "Tiirrat T,a.thc Tnnl,,"_
The Warner & Swasev Comoanv, Cleveland        11
A No. 4 Universal on Chucking Work

Five minutes is the time required hub; while hexagon turret tools I and to finish this dial using
Warner & II drill the hub, bore the rim, and turn Swasey standard tools.        the outside
The method of finishing is shown in Square turret tool III finish faces the drawing of the
set-up. Tools in the hub while cutters in hexagon turthe square turret with corresponding ret
tool III bore the hub and finish numbers in the hexagon turret, oper- turn the outside
ate together. For example, square Tool IV reams the hole; tool V turret tool I straddle faces
the rim of back faces the hub; tool VI forms the the dial, and tool II rough faces the groove
in the rim of the dial.
The Warner and Swasey Company,  Cleveland OHIO, U.S.A.
Turret lathe Catalog 1900 Page 12
The Warner and Swasey Company,  Cleveland OHIO, U.S.A.
Turret lathe Catalog 1900 Page 11
The Warner and Swasey Company,  Cleveland OHIO, U.S.A.
Turret lathe Catalog 1900 Page 10
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