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WANTED $$: Antique old Flat belt drive Machine Shop
Machinery & Parts, Tools, found, bought, traded, used
repaired, help & Information Collectors Network
Website by Richard Spens (also antique Woodshop,
Woodworking Machine, Machines)

I'm trying to recreate an ca.1870/1920 Historical Overhead Flat Belt Lineshaft Metalworking
&Woodworking shop Recreation.  My goal is to help keep alive our machine shop heritage
and industrial History that has built, and still builds much of our life today..        .........But I
Need Your Help!!!.... I'm looking to purchase pre. 1925 flat belt driven wood working or metal
working Machinery for this collection and for working, But there is more to this than
acquiring... This shop will be non-profit, and not just for show but for hands on
demonstrations and real metal working. Children especially enjoy the movement they can
see and generate and easily see with the hand wheels, shafts, gears ect. on these old
machines. They  should learn how this built their grandparents lives and still supports their
lifestyle. y.
    I'm also interested in
trading information and networking with other collectors were
interested in woodworking and metalworking machines. There are lots of machines offered
at nearly scrap that can be used by a hobbyist. I have planned this web site to be a place
people with similar trades crafts interests and hobbies can share their obsession and share
information, to get help for the machines that they want themselves, or to refer to others
who are looking for that machine for their collection, or just a low cost  machine tool to build
and fix things with. (provided they are willing to give up a little space and use a winch, rollers,
trailer and pry bar to get it home.  I buy the best and most unique machines I can get at the
time, when a better surfaces I get that one, and can then show a progression of technology,
or trade it if I must to someone who wants it more for their collection or use.
I don't sell, but do refer Machines available to someone  who is looking for one at no
advantage to myself in order to save a machine and give it a home. Sharing information with
others helps keep our HISTORY from being melted down by the scrap yards. I trade and buy
when the opportunity to upgrade to older/more complete Antiques, or to complete an area I'm
trying to represent (ESPECIALLY GEAR CUTTING and GRINDING Machinery).
I'm looking to purchase pre. 1925 flat belt driven wood working or metal working machines.
I'm especially looking for very old or ornate machines ,Grinding machines, Gear cutting
machines and the more uncommon machines, like vertical slotters 4-6 spindle automatics,
and machines made by Brown and Sharpe, Hendy,  Potter & Johnson, Sloan & Chase,
Newark, Winton, Gould & Everhart.     I would be glad to
pay a 15%  finder's fee for
information leading to the purchase
of the above mentioned machines please pass my name
along to someone who may have a shop, barn, yard or garage with one or more of these
machines for possible sale trade or just to show them off.
As I said before I'd like all of us interested in trading information and networking with other
collectors to use this as sort of a loose club of Antique Woodworking and Metalworking
machines collectors and related trades & crafts.
I will be glad to give free advice, help  to
those finding examining, buying, transporting, repairing, using, antiques or machines that
they have or want.
                              I can be reached at.
e- mail : or
     Richard Spens                                                        
     28515 W. 7  Mile Rd.            Or Please call me at      (248)-474-2799
     Livonia,    MI   48152-3501         (shop is not in Livonia)                                              
Antique,Used,Old, Machine Shop & Parts, Tools, Woodshop
Machinery Collector's / User's  Exchange of Information &
Antique Machinery did not start out  as
a dusty collection of memorabilia.
It began as reaction to the lack of established
museum's focus on our industrial machine shop
heritage,    and also my wife's questioning...
"Whyyyyy.....What are you going
to do with all this junk?"
tell us your Likes
dislikes and share
your collection to
e Photo Galleries,
some are mine.
some belong to