Blacksmith and Machine Shop  
a.k.a. Ye Olde  Blacksmith and Machine Shoppe
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1).NAMES model engineering show in Toledo
Ohio 2006.
2).NAMES model engineering show  2009.
3).NAMES model engineering show  2010.
4).The NAMES model engineering show             
2011 back in Detroit again.
4B).The NAMES model engineering show   
model machine shop 2011 in Detroit again.

Also see The La Salle Machine shop 1900's
converted blacksmith and Machine Shop on the
nearby corner and other Toledo Buildings
When you enter the antique machine
filled Shop, an oldtimer, the owner starts
telling you how shops  started working
"in these parts" in the 1840's - 50's          
Click here to hear what it was like in those early
rough, but verry innovative days when people
didn't whine or wait for someone else to solve
their problems but made things work with what
they allready had around them using their own
hands and brains..

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Also see a 1900's converted blacksmith and Machine Shop on the nearby corner.
           Hear about the Toledo machine and tool co history.
This  building Above is not  the actual shop, I just wish it was.
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My Lodge and Davis Lathe,
and Sloan & Chance gear
cutter and Lathe history.
Click below To see and Live your grandfathers life long ago before there electricity,
Automobles, radio, TV or  ahhhh..the  Beast, Computers and Video games.  Click
below for OCR and image scanned pages of American Machinist and Machinery
JULY-21-1883 American-Machinist--VOL-6-No-29-cover-pg
August 30 1884, American Machinist, vol. 7 no. 35 pg. 5,6,7
American machinist August 30 1884. pg.1-16- Vol. 7 No 35
American machinist August 30 1884. pg. 8 9 10   Vol 7 No 35
American machinist August 30 1884. pg. 2-3  Vol 7 No 35
American Machinist August 30 1884, vol. 7 no. 35 pg. 5,6,7

June 10 1897 American Machinist Vol. 20 No. 23, Overview
OR  Detailed with text...

American-Machinist-1906-October-18 Articless

May 17-1917-AMERICAN MACHINIST Volume 46, No. 20
May 17-1917-AMERICAN MACHINIST-V46 N20--2'nd section.
May 17-1917-AMERICAN MACHINIST-V46 N20--3'rd section.
December 1929-AMERICAN MACHINIST Volume 36, No.4
American Machinist Febuary-1916 pg 1-50
American Machinist Febuary-1916 pg 106-

American Machinist,Febuary-1916-pg106
:American Machinist January-1922 -vol--no-
Building Aircraft
Engines on the west
coast during  the
Barnstorming days
of the 1920's
Gear Cutting
picture History
Click here for...SMITH and FAY 1880's Tenoner
machines..Tendon making machines machinery
My Simple 1page
So simple that  about half
of my life's experences are
left out to appease short
attension spans.
B.W.Bement s
gear cutting
Built 1791--
Engineer mag
Machinery-December-1929-vol-36-no-4 the stock market crash
what hit them has not set in yet, is there still hope?
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The Warner and Swasey
Company,  Cleveland
OHIO, U.S.A. Turret
lathe Catalog.
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Page one
History of
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15.) Spens

1.PAUL William SPENS--  Horses to
Space Age,  K-8 Principal,WWII Aircraft
Instructor, Chrysler MSME
NASA Inspector for Bendix.
8. The Other guy's
and antique collection,
whether he knows it or not.
Build your own toys, yes they are green, as in organic.
Real wood truck Craft kits for kids to build paint and play with, natural North
American pine-wood, made in USA. Build them with your kids. Improve motor skills
Home-school  Woodworking class Birthday party's    click here for info
Gear-Cutting Machinery: Comprising A Complete Review Of Contemporary American And
European Practice (1909) (Hardcover)
by Ralph Edward Flanders (Author)
this book needed

See above for the links to all pictures and descriptions of machine tools names seen here.

Brown & Sharpe Manufacturing Co.of Providence, R.I. manufacturer of Fine Machinery, Tools of Precision; The Gordon & Maxwell Co. of
Hamilton, Ohio manufacturer of Steam Driven Pumps and Water Works Machinery; The Yale & Towne Mfg. Co. of Stamford, Conn.
manufacturer of Steam Driven Self-Propelled or Locomotive Cranes; Lodge, Davis & Co. of Cincinnati, Ohio manufacturer of Engine
Lathes, Shapers & Drills; Gould & Eberhardt of Newark, New Jersey manufacturer of Shapers, Gear Cutters and other Special
Machinery; E.E. Garvin & Co. of New York, NY. manufacturer of Machinists' Tools, Including Milling Machines, Hand Lathes, Drill Presses,
ect.; The Pratt & Whitney Co. of Hartford Connecticut manufacturer of Precision Machinist Tools and Special Machinery; The Billings &
Spencer Co. of Hartford, CT. manufacturer of Lathe Dogs & other Drop Forgings; Warner & Swasey Machine Tools of Cleveland, Ohio
manufacturer of Engine, Spinning Lathes and other Special Machinery; Pond Machine Tool Co.(Successors to David W. Pond) of
Worcester, Mass. manufacturer of Engine Lathes, Radial Drills, Planers, ect.; Geo. W. Fifield of Lowell, Mass. manufacturer of Engine
Lathes; Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection & Insurance Co. of Hartford, Conn.; Geo. B. Grant of Boston, Mass. maker of Gear Wheels and
Gear Cutting; W.P. Davis of Bloomfield, NY. manufacturer of Key Seating Machines & Drills; The G. A. Gray Co. of Cincinnati, O.
manufacturer of 17" & 20" Lathes; Pratt & Letchworth Proprietors of Buffalo Steel Foundry of Buffalo, N.Y. offering Steel Castings; Stiles &
Parker Press Co. of Middletown, Conn. manufacturer of Punching Presses, Dies, Drop Hammers, Drop Forgings and other Tools for the
Manufacture of all kinds of Sheet Metal Goods; J.M. Carpenter of Pawtucket, R.I. manufacturer of Taps & Dies; WM Sellers & Co., Inc. of
Philadelphia, PA. manufacturer of High Speed Power Traveling Cranes; The Long & Allstatter Co. of Hamilton, Ohio manufacturer of
Double, Single, Angle-bar, Gang, Horizontal, Twin, Boiler, Spacing, Gate, Multiple, Belt and Steam-Driven Punches & Shears also Power
Cushioned Hammers; Russell & Co. of Massillon, Ohio builders of Automatic Engines, Boilers, ect.(Complete Power Plants Furnished);
J.E. Lonergan & Co. of Philadelphia, PA. manufacturer of Patent Oilers; R.A. Beldon Co. of Danbury, Conn. manufacturer of Power
Hammers; Castle Engine Works of Indianapolis, Ind. manufacturer of The Castle Steam Engine; The Muller Machine Tool Co. of
Cincinnati, O. manufacturer of 17" Engine Lathes; H. Bickford of Lake Village, N.H. manufacturer of Boring & Turning Mills; L.S. Starrett of
Athol, Mass. manufacturer of Fine Machinist Tools; Osgood Dredge Co. of Albany, New York manufacturer of Dredges, Excavators,
Ditching Machines, Derricks, ect.; The Newark Machine Tool Works of Newark, N.J. manufacturer of Planners, Lathes, Slotters, Boring
Machines, Presses, ect.; Bement, Miles & Co. of Philadelphia, PA. builders of Metal-Working Machine Tools for Railroad Shops,
Locomotive & Car Builders, Machine Shops, Rolling Mills, Steam Forges, Ship Yards, Boiler Shops, Bridge Works, ect.; Detrick & Harvey
Manufacturers of Baltimore, Md. manufacturer of Corliss Engines; Chester Steel Castings Co. of Chester, PA.; The Phosphor Bronze
Smelting Co., Limited of Philadelphia, Pa. Original Manufacturers of Phosphor Bronze & Owners of the U.S. Patent; Tallman & McFadden
of Philadelphia, Pa. manufacturer of Milling Machines, Planners, Drills, ect.; The John T. Noye Mfg. Co. of Buffalo, N.Y. manufacturer of
Rice Automatic Cut-Off Engines (Gold Medal Winner Cincinnati Exposition, 1884); Shipman Engine Co. of Boston, Mass. manufacturer of
Oil Engines for Printers, Steam Yachts, pumping water, sawing wood, ect; The Skinner Engine Co. of Erie, PA. manufacturer of Portable
& Stationary Engines & Boilers; Korting Gas Engine Co., LD. of New York, N.Y. manufacturer of Korting Gas Engines; William Tod & Co.
of Youngstown, Ohio manufacturer of Porter-Hamilton Engines; S.L. Holt & Co. of Boston, Mass offering Portable & Stationary Steam
Engines & Boilers, Steam Power Drainage Pumps, Saw Mills, Shafting, Pulleys, Hangers and Belting; Kensington Engine Works,
Limited of Philadelphia< Pa. manufacturer of the Tangye Buckeye Automatic Cut-Off Engines; Albany Steam Trap Co. of Albany, NY
manufacturer of Blessing's Water Circulator & Purifier; Frick Company Builders of Waynesboro, Pa. manufacturer of Eclipse Corliss
Engines; The "Otto" gas Engine Works - Schleicher, Schumm & Co. of Philadelphia, PA. & Chicago, Ill. manufacturer of Otto Gas
Engines; The Armstrong Mfg. Co. of Bridgeport, Conn manufacturer of Water, Gas & Steam Fitters' Tools; James Brandon Co. of New
York, N.Y. manufacturer of Brandon's Piston Ring Packing; E.P. Bullard of New York, NY manufacturer of Machine Tools; The Watts,
Campbell Co. of Newark, NJ manufacturer of Improved Corliss Steam Engines; The Hewes & Phillips Iron Works of Newark, N.J.
manufacturer of Improved Corliss Engines, Tubular Boilers; The Fishkill Landing Machine Co. of New York, New York manufacturer of
The Improved Fishkill Corliss Engines; Robert Whitehill of Newburgh, NY manufacturer of the Improved Corliss Engine, Slide Valve
Engines, Stationary Boilers, General Machinery and Brass & Iron Castings; Stearns M'F'G. Company of Erie, Pa. manufacturer of
Engines, Boilers, Saw Mills and General Machinery; John McLaren of Hoboken, N.J. builder of Corliss Engines, Air Compressors and
Boilers; Hill, Clarke & Co. of Boston, Mass. sellers of Iron-Working Machinery; Adams & Richards Machine Co. of New Brunswick, N.J.
manufacturer of Fuel, Crude Petroleum or Kerosene Engines; The Babcock & Wilcox Co. of New York, NY manufacturer of Water-Tube
Boilers; Bridgeport Boiler Works of Bridgeport, Conn. manufacturer of The Lowe Boiler; WM T. Bate & Son of Conshohocken, Penn. sole
manufacturer of the Bate Steam Generator; The Wainwright M'F'G. Company of Boston, Mass. manufacturer of Corrugated Tube Exhaust
Feed-Water Heaters; Fossil Meal Co. of New York manufacturer of Meal Composition Non-Conducting Covering for Steam Pipe &
Boilers; Gesswein Machine Co. of New York manufacturer of Positive Pressure or Blast Blowers; Palmer, Cunningham & Co., L'd. of
Philadelphia, Penn. manufacturer of Tools for Mechanics including Chucks, Drills, Reamers, Screw-Plates, Railroad Supplies, ect.;
Evansville Spar Mining Co. of Evansville, Ind. Producers of Flour Spar Foundry Flux; Universal Radial Drill Co. of Cincinnati, O.
manufacturer of Radial Drilling Machines; Hilles & Jones of Wilmington, Del. manufacturer of Horizontal Flange Punches; Jenkins Bros.
of New York manufacturer of The Original Unvulcanized Packing; Westcott Chuck Co. of Oneida, N.Y. manufacturer of Lathe & Drill
Chucks; Pond Engineering Co. of St. Louis, MO. manufacturer of Steam Boilers; The E. Horton & Son Co. of Windsor Locks, Conn.
manufacturer of the Horton Lathe Chuck; Watson & Stillman of New York manufacturer of Hydrostatic Machinery, Presses, Pumps,
Punches, Accumulators, Jacks, Valves, Fittings, Vault Elevators, ect.; Hoggson & Pettis M'F'G. Co. of New Haven, CT. manufacturer of
The Sweetland Chuck; T.R. Almond of Brooklyn, N.Y. manufacturer of the Almond Drill Chuck; Worcester Machine Screw Co. of
Worcestor, Mass. manufacturer of Set, Cap & Machine Screws, Studs, ect.; The Cushman Chuck Co. of Hartford, Conn. manufacturer of
"Cushman" Chucks; Coffin & Leighton of Syracuse, N.Y. manufacturer of Machinists' Scales; Sterling Emery Wheel Co. of West Sterling,
Mass. manufacturer of the Sterling Patent Emery Wheel; Standard Tool Co. of Athol, Mass. manufacturer of Fine Machinists' Tools;
Buffalo Forge Co. of Buffalo, N.Y. manufacturer of Buffalo Cupola & Forge Blowers; I.P. Richards of Providence, R.I. manufacturer of
Punches and Dies; The National Pipe Bending Co. of New Haven, Conn. offering Coils & Bends of Iron, Brass and Copper; John S. leng
of New York manufacturer of Weldless Cold Drawn Steel Tubes & Quick Opening Gate Valves; Pedrick & Ayer of Philadephia, Pa.
manufacturer of Cylinder Boring & Facing Machines; Morse Twist Drill and Machine Company of New Bedford, Mass. manufacturer of
Solid & Shell Reamers, Beach's Patent Self-Centering Chuck, Bit Stock Drills, Drill Grinding Machines, Mill Cutters and Special Tools;
Simonds Rolling-Machine Co. of Fitchburg, Mass. manufacturer of Steel Balls for Anti-Friction Bearings; VanDuzen & Tift of Cincinnati,
Ohio makers of Complete Steam Pumps; Rollstone Machine Co. of Fitchburg, Mass. manufacturer of Wood - Working Machinery for
Chair, Furniture & Cabinet Factories, Box Shops, Planing Mills, Pattern Makers' Use, ect.; S. Elliot of Newton, Mass. manufacturer of Drill
Presses, Tap Drill Guages & Special Machinery Tools; F.E. Reed of Worcestor, Mass. manufacturer of Engine Lathes, Hand Lathes,
Foot Lathes, Upright Drills & Milling Machines; S. Ashton Hand Mfg. Co. of Toughkenamon, Pa. manufacturer of Engine Lathes; Boynton
& Plummer of Worcestor, Mass. manufacturer of Shaping Machines for Hand & Power; Bickford Drill Co. of Cincinnati, O. manufacturer of
Upright Drills; Springfield Glue & Emery Wheel Co. of Springfield, Mass. manufacturer of Emery & Curundum Wheels, Emery Wheel
machinery and Flint Papers; Pancoast & Maule of Phil., Pa. makers of Improved Steam Glue Heaters; Jos. Dixon Crucible Co. of Jersey
City, N.J. manufacturer of Dixon's Silica Graphite Boiler-Front & Smoke Stack Paint; New Haven Manf'g Co. of new Haven, Conn.
manufacturer of Iron-Working Machinery; L.W. Pond Machine Co. of Worcestor, Mas. manufacturer of Iron Working Machinery; J. Wyke &
Co. of E.Boston, Mass. manufacturer of Fine Machinists' Tools; Cary & Moen of New York City manufacturer of Steel Wire & Springs;
William Barker & Co. of Cincinnati, O. manufacturer of Iron & brass Working Machinery; Toledo Machine & Tool Co. of Toledo, Ohio
manufacturer of Presses, Dies & Special Machinery; D. Sounders' Sons of Yonkers, N.Y. manufacturer of Steam & Gas Fitters hand
Tools; Acme Machinery Co. of Cleveland, O. manufacturer of "ACME" Single & Double Automatic Boltcutters; Stow Manfg. Co. of
Binghampton, N.Y. manufacturer of Flexible Shafts, Reaming Machines, Portable Drills & flexible Boring Machines; John Steptoe & Co. of
Cin., Ohio manufacturer of Engine Lathes, Iron Planers, Shapers & Drills; The Hoppes Mfg. Co. of Springfield, O. manufacturer of Live
Steam Feed-Water Heater & Lime Extractors; Energy MFG. Co. of Phil., Pa. manufacturer of Drill Guides & Steady Rests; Eagle Anvil
Works of Trenton, N.J. manufacturer of the Fisher Double Screw Leg Vise & the Eagle Anvil; Charles Murray of New York Engraver of
Wood; S.W. Goodyear of Waterbury, CT. manufacturer of Machinery for Reducing & Pointing Wire; The Laidlaw & Dunn Co. of Cin., Ohio
manufacturer of Pumping Machinery; Chas. A. Strelinger & Co. of Detroit, Mich. manufacturer of Fine Tools; Powell Planer Co. of
Worcester, Mass. manufacturer of Iron Planers; P. Blaisdell & Co. of Worcester, Mass. manufacturer of Machinists' Tools; Curtis & Curtis
(Successors to Forbes & Curtis) of Bridgeport, Ct. manufacturer of the Forbes Pat. Die Stock, Pipe Cutting & Threading Machinery;
Brehmer Bros. of Phil., PA. manufacturer of Bevel Gears; The Mason Regulator Co. of Boston manufacturer of Reducing Valves; Niagara
Stamping of Buffalo, N.Y. makers of Presses, Dies and Special Machinery; Consolidated Machine & Tool Works of Hastings, mich. &
Chicago, Ill. manufacturer of Presses, Dies and Canning Machinery; Bradley & Co. of Syracuse, N.Y. manufacturer of Cushioned
Hammers, Heating Forges, ect.; The Deane Steam Pump Co. of Holyoke, Mass. manufacturer of Water Works Engines & Steam
Pumping Machinery; The Hendey Machine Co. of Torrington, Conn. manufacturer of Lathes; Miller, Metcalf & Parkin, Crescent Steel
Works of Pittsburgh, PA. suppliers of Die Steel in Bars or Blocks; Tower & Lyon (Successors to Melvin Stephens) of New York
manufacturer of Stephens Vises; Sebatian, May & Co. of Cin., O. manufacturer of Foot & Power Lathes, Drill Presses, Shapers, Band,
Circular & Scroll Saws, Tools & Supplies; John W. Hudson- Madison Manufacturing Co. of Madison, Wis.; Guild & Garrison of Brooklyn,
N.Y. manufacturer of Steam, Vacuum and Filter Press Pumps & Air Compressors; Montgomery & Co. of New York manufacturer of Tools,
Supp;ies & Machinery; W.C. Young & Co. of Worcester, Mass. manufacturer of Engine, Hand & Foot Lathes; Chas. F. baker of
Minneapolis, Minn. manufacturer of Common Sense Oil Filters; Thos. H. Dallett & Co. of Phila., Pa. manufacturer of Patent Portable,
Hand, Boiler-Shell & Multiple Drills; The Tanite Company of Stroudsburg, PA. manufacturer of Tanite Emery Wheels & grinding
Machines; Cooke & Co. of New York manf'r. of The Binghampton Water Motor; U. Baird Machinery Co. of Pittsburgh, Pa. manuf'r of
Machinists', Pattern Makers' & Boiler Makers' Tools and Supplies; John Wiley & Sons of N.Y. Publishers of Industrial and Scientific
Works; Beecher & Peck of New Haven, Ct. manufacturer of Peck's Pat. Drop Press & Drop Forgings of Iron & Steel; Muller Machine Tool
Co. of Cincinnati, O. manuf'r of Engine Lathes, Planers, Shapers & Drill Presses; Betts Machine Company of Wilmington, Del. Builder of
Drills & Metal Working Machine Tools; Knowles Steam Pump Works of N.Y. & Boston manf'r of Improved Pumping Machinery; Niagar
Machine & Tool Works of Buffalo New York builders of Presses, Shears & other Special Mach.; Chas. Parker Co. of Meriden, Ct.
manufacturer of Guns, Gun Parts, Vises, Tools, ect.; J.H. Williams & Co. of Brooklyn, N.Y. makers of Wrenches, Tools and other Quality
Drop Forgings; Gage Machine Works of Waterford, N.Y. Manuf'r of Fox Turret & speed Lathes and Brass Finishers' Tools; E.W. Bliss Co.
of Brooklyn, New York World's Largest Manufacter of Presses, Dies, Shears, Mills,Canning Equipment and other Special Tools;
Nicholson File Co. of Providence, R.I. manuf'r of Files & Rasps; Nathan Manufacturing Co. of New York manuf'r of "Gresham" Patent
Automatic Re-Starting Injector; Cleveland Twist Drill Co. of Cleveland, O. manuf'r of Drills & Reamers; National Pulley Covering Co. of
Baltimore, Md. manuf'r of Friction Pulley Covers; Fitchburg Machine Works of Fitchburg, Mass. manuf'r of Metal Working Machines; Henry
Carey Baird & Co. of Phil., Pa. Industial Publishers, Booksellers & Importers; Volney W. Mason & Co. of Providence, R.I. manuf'r of
Friction Pulleys, Clutches & Elevators; P.H. & F.M. Roots of Connersville, Ind. manuf'r of Force Blast Rotary Blowers for Foundries, Smith
Shops, Pneumatic Tubes, Ventilation, ect.; Beaudry & Co.(formerly of Beaudry's Upright Power Hammer) of Boston, mass. manuf'r of
Presses, Shears, Punches & Hard Coal Heating Forges; C.F. Richardson of Athol, Mass. manuf'r of Nickel Plated Pocket Levels;
Henderson Bros. of Waterbury, CT. manuf'r of Exhaust Tumbling Barrels; C.W. LeCount of South Norwalk, Conn. manuf'r of Lathe Dogs
& other Drop Forgings; Park Mfg. Co. of Boston manuf'r of Injectors, Ejectors & Jet Apparatus; T. Shriver & Co.'s Iron Foundry of N.Y.; The
Volker & Felthousen M'F'G. Co. of Buffalo, N.Y. manuf'r of Steam Pumps; Pulsometer Steam Pump Co. of N.Y. manuf'r of Steam Pumps;
Hall Steam Pump Co. of N.Y. builders of Steam Pumps; Jas. Hunter & son of North Adams, Mass. manuf'r of Clutch Pulleys & Cutt-Off
Couplings; Union Stone Co. of Boston manuf'r of Emery Wheels, Grinding Mach., Polishing & Plating Goods and Tools; Edwards Meeks
of Phil. - Publisher; Gage Tool Co. of Vineland, N.J. manuf'r of Planes & Hand Tools; Henry R. Worthington of N.Y. manuf'r of Independent
Condensers; Niles Tool Works of Hamilton, Ohio manuf'r of Machine Tools; Buckeye Engine Co. of Salem, Ohio manuf'r of engines; The
Garvin Machine Co. of N.Y. manuf'r of Machines & Machine Tools; Manning, Maxwell & Moore of N.Y. manuf'r of Railway and Machinists'
Tools & Supplies; Lexington Gear Works of Lex., Mass. makers of Gears; M.C. Bullock of Chicago, Ill. manuf'r of Bullock-Corliss Engines,
Diamond Drills for Prospecting, Band Friction Hoists & Mining Mach.; The Lane & Bodley Co. of Cin., Ohio manuf'r of Corliss Engines;
G.S. Woolman of New York manuf'r of Drawing Instuments; The D. Frisbie Co. of N.Y. manuf'r of Frisbie Friction Pulleys & Clutches; The
Ball & Wood Co. of Elizabeth, N.J. manuf'r of Ball Automatic Cut-Off Engines; Lackawanna Lubricating Co. of Scranton, PA. manuf'r of
Grease Cups; The De Lamater Iron Works of N.Y. manuf'r of General Machinery; Henry Warden Manufacturer of Phil., PA. manuf'r of
Atkinson Cycle Gas Engines; The Hilles & Jones Co. of Wilmington, Del. manuf'r of Machine Tools; Bement, Miles & Co. of Phil., Pa.
manuf'r of Metal-Working Mach. Tools; William Sellers & Co. of Phil., Pa. manuf'r of Machine Tolls for Working Iron & Steel; The New
Process Raw Hide Co. of Syracuse, N.Y manuf'r of Raw Hide Gears; Southwark Foundry & Machine Co. of Phil., Penn. manuf'r of
Boileers, Steam Hammers, Blowing & Reversing Engines, Centrifugal Pumps, Steam Pumps & Heavy Castings; The Norton & Jones
Machine Tool Works of Plainville, Conn. manuf'r of Machine Tools & Special machinery; The Champion Blower & Forge Co. of Lancaster,
Pa.; J.D. wright & Sons of Brooklyn, N.Y.; The Cincinnati Milling Machine Co. of Cincinnati, O.; N.P. Bowsher of South Bend, Ind.; J.E.
snyder of Worcester, Mass.; Edison General Electric Company; American Gas Furnace Co. of N.Y.; Landis Bros. of Waynesboro, Pa.;
Trump Bros. Machine Co. of Wilmington, Delaware; R.D. Nuttall & Co. of Allegheny, PA.; Giant Key-Seater Co. of East Saginaw, Mich.;
Light Drill Presses of Hartford, Conn.; J.E. Lonergan & Co. of Phila., Pa.; Harrison Safety Boiler Works of Phil., Pa.; T.M. Foote Regulator
Co. of Boston; Adriance Machine Works of Brooklyn, N.Y. manuf'r of Gang Slitters, Automatic Screw Machines and Double Seamers;
Samuel C. Rogers & Co. of Buffalo; Alfred Box & Co. of Phila., Pa.; Van Duzen Gas & Gasoline Engine Co. of Cincinnati, O.; Capitol Mfg.
Co. of Chicago; M.T. Davidson of Brooklyn, N.Y.; The States Machine Co. of Newark, N.J.; L. & R. Wister & Co. of Phila., PA.; John Royle &
Sons of Paterson, N.J.; Penberthy Injector Co. of Detroit, Mich.; A.J. Wilkinson & Co. of Boston; William Jessop & Sons, L'd. of Sheffield,
England; Crescent Steel Co. of pittsburgh, Pa.; .

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1.)machines in my shop and collection....
The first ones..1990 to
1890s Berlin Engraving
Machine in my Collection

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MuseumVirtual Tour.....
1).Ancient Autos 1895-1935.
2).Henry's Flat belt
Drive  machine
Dr. Carl Sagan quote                 American Astronomer, Writer and Scientist, 1934-1996
"You have to know the past to understand the present.”
made it all
17.) Chard Lathe from Gear
Relieving attachment
the Chard Lathe Built by
The Western Machine tool
Co, Holland, Michigan.
From origional-blueprints
from the building
before it was torn down.
drawn in 1918 by
of pressed demand in WWI.
reissued and dated 1941
and attachment built for WWII.

1918-1941 during both
World Wars WWI-WWII.
WWl  World War One
1890 hand chisled keyway planed
gear  by Gleason
My Garvin 1880s milling
Above a apprentice in Germany spends a
year learning how to file.  A flat
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My hand
and foot
Prentice lathe ajustable height
crosslide 1870.
1895 DUREA Americas
first production
Automoble. My build a
reproduction to drive
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F-E-Reed Lathes circ 1900 1880
catalog why do there seem to be
more of these than any other.
American Machinist 1900s-1920s

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I've recently  bought and
dragged home to my shop  
First Bought Antique Machinery  
1990-1999 bought.
May Spens and
Hilda Swenson  
Family History .
Things I build for my friends and customers.Things I build for my friends and customers.

Mortice-morticing-machine-tendoning machine.  see my 1840 hand forged german machine
the largest gap bed treadle built?
13.) Machines that
sold on the web
year 2007-8-9
2011-C Brown sharp Milling machine
2011-D blacksmith hammer

Interesting 2008-2010
Interesting 2007-2008
Sold By American Artifacts
Sold By American Artifacts, best.
Sold By American Artifacts, pg 2
Sold By American Artifacts, pg 3
Sold By American Artifacts, pg 2a
0).The  NAMES model engineering show
in  Toledo, Ohio 2005,  and the St. Clair
Machine Shop.
21.) How war, greed
and lazyness
Advanced technology
of our life till today.
WWl the wasteful almost pointless war,
except War does effect (unintended) change.

Machine development, from Guns to
Sewing machines to Bicycle and finally
cars for everyone.

How it Built tools, Machines and our Life
Today...History of machines.

1  History-Muskets-to-sewing-machines-to-moter


Title page of all museum trips.
1.)Stagecoach Stop USA in Irish Hills, Michigan. Death of the Cowboy     Dreamland
for children-Auction-off-our-childhood-dreams-2008.
2.)  Portland-2006-Tri state steam-engine-tractor-show.
3.)  Bessemer Converter-Pittsburgh PA.
4.) Museum of Appalachia and Norris Dam,Tennessee.
5.) The-Unassembled-Mill-House-A Wealthy   homesteader-cabin
7.)HFM Museum-Henry's-Machine-Shop-Collection
8.)The unassembled mill house-2007.
9.)Inside the building, outside on the green grass at the Museum.
10.)Sauder- farms-Ohio Western-and the-Museum of  Agriculture
North Dakota
11.)Portland-2006-Indiana Tri-State engine show.
Patrick Haire of Kansas 1860
woodworking shop.
My Recently saved (2006-8) machines
12.) Other Machinist 1880-1920s &
Machinery books, Documentairys
Machinery's encylopedia 1917 DROP-FORGING DIES CLASSIFICATION
Hammers Drop forged forging     
ICS and Machinerys Encyclopedia  vol  II  Anatomy of an 1905 shape Cupolas furnace
how they are made Plans for a Jib Crane and calculations grinding crankshaft offset How to set up and use a Cincinatti  #2 and #1 Tool
and Cutter Grinder Cutter .
THE J.A. FAY & EGAN COMPANY 1856 Catalog.  Oliver Defiance co.
Asher & Adams 1876 see the Centenial of American progress
100 years manufacturing progress.
Machinery magazine November, 1910 Machine shop
Machines 2009 I recently saved from
the Amish and the scrap man.
Machine and tool catalogs and Info.
SOHO FOUNDRY Built 1791--
Engineer mag
Eye witness story's of what
it's like working in an 1840
My Foot Hand and treadle
powered Pre Electric Machines.
1900s-1920s Machinery

19.) Automobile and Aircraft
BUILDING AUTOMOBILE engines, Aircraft engines and HIT &
MISS Engines 1900-1949
nder-machine-grinding-Manual how to set up
and use a cutter grinder reamer-grinder.
American Tool Works design thought of a predecessor of Lodge       
      and Davis
updated yahoo
Above -See the shop
rap_man to save it,  to use,
show, demonstrate for
practical application
education and provide for
the defence of our freedoms.
My Antique Machinery bought 2010 I bought to save
My Antique Machinery bought 2008
My Antique Machinery bought 2009
Machines in various collections i've
found from all over the place.
MY 1996-1999 Collection of
MACHINES i bought
The Toledo Machine and Tool
The 1895 Duyrea
Americas first
HOW TO USE a Screw Cutting Lathe, no 14 chapter
9, Britannia Engineering Co. England
WWII World war Two machine
tool production. Capacity won the
war..Quantity over quality
Of design.
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 Building automobiles and
hit and miss engines.
Building Aircraft
Engines on the west
coast during  the
Barnstorming days
of the 1920's
1895 DUREA Americas first
production Automoble. My build
a reproduction to drive project.
Lathe-Reed- pre-Prentice-Antique-
Notebook-2-reference-Wheelock guns-from-Guns-to-
1928 ford AA trucks
Reed-Prentice catalog and
American-Tool-Works-Lathe-from the web-from
Walk into what it was
to work in a
hop, circ. 1900
The J Jones Collection of
Mass.  under construction
American Tool
Co. Ohio.U.S.A,
Land the
plain relieving,
attachment for
cutters, circ
My affordable reproductions make the story become real in your
hands. Tangible Props for an object lesson. Examples of the story
to life in your hands. Standard or Custom built.
4. See it,
feel it, Live
it. Click
below for  
Working in
shops. not
just dirt
grease and
and beer
for lunch
::Catalog Hill Clarke Co,
Catalog 1897::-lathe's,
machines, shaper's
planer's, drill press, tools.
Detroit 1895 streetcars horse wagons
arc lights jobs no income tax
Build-Quote cost,
esearch, Build?
Machines I'm
building for Historic
in California.
14.)The Henery Ford Museum T homas A. Edison, ADD Rules.
Treadle Barnes lathe  no # 3 4 5 6 by
Thanks to Richard Van Vleck for the information and a great web site.
T. R. Almond Mfg. Co.
Brooklyn, N. Y. Drill chuck lathe chuck
Think your shops a mess?
Feel better, see the buried
Alive Hamtramic, Michigan.
Machine and railing shop,
July 2009. and go in to get a
job, punch into in the world
that sometimes really was.
Think your shop's a mess? Feel
better, see the Buried Alive
Hoarder  Hamtramic, Machine and
railing shop, and the 1870 planer &
lineshafting I  saved
from oblivion.
The newest page
see left. Shops The
Davis Machine
Shop ,Awendaw
South Carolinia.
Click here for
Books I.C.S
Libary 1908
Built 1791--
Engineer mag
The POWER of Inventing and
building things can flow
from your hands into what
you want and  create, not
what others  force upon you.
Lathe the American tool works
See it, feel it,
Live it.
Working in a 1850
II).  See it, feel it, Live it, Grandfathers life.
Auto antique cars-
I have seen for
sale and wish I
had restored.
III). What I want to Find, save & use
IV). machine shop picture
V). Date, identify, drag home and restore your antique Machine.
VI). My complete collection,well most
I). How and Why, I am Building things with
Historical machines, Why do i collect and
What do i do with them, and my skills???
My 24" X 120" 1887-1893
Lodge and Davis Lathe,  
history, research to restore it.
22.) picture history
My origional introduction, want-lists,why am I buying and saving flat belt
drive antique machineshop-woorworking machines.   Why do I collect.
VII).Click here for Neat Machine Tool, hand
tool, Indusrial and military Museum trips.
We buy, collect, demonstrate restore, reproduce most anything historical.
See our repair reproduce capabilities page here
Click here for-Links-to
sites-that may be too
mechanical for some.
Machine-related. &
9).American Machinist
1880's-1920's & Machinery magazine,
see their World shown to you,  
19.) Automobiles and
engines and HIT & MISS Engines 1900-1949
14.)  Documentary  
Machine Tool
Picture History.
13.) Machines
that sold on
the web
Shepard Lathe
restoration project
I now have my
second 1870s
Shepard Lathe.
16.) Reference mat'l my Winter Projects & click here
for project notebook
Asher & Adams 1876 see the
Centenial-of-american progress of 100
years manufacturing,

Proud Lake Recreation Area-2011
12.) Other Machinist 1880-1920s &
Machinery books, Documentairys.
11). Click here to Take a child's
view trip with E, S and P to
model eng. show.
12.) All about
St. Clair Machine Shop 1880, Toledo Ohio. still there, kinda, sorta.
The Liberty Engine V-12
1918 Aircraft.
Catalog, Lathe, Lodge and
Davis Machine tool
Co.Cincinatti, Ohio.U.S.AA
Picture History of
machine tool that
grandfather built
your life with.
Page one
Picture History of the lathe
Book Scientific
gear cutter
and-Capitalism-Make it cheaper-faster and
Machine-Tools-and-life-Today 1600-1840s
Working-In-1890-s-Detroit-shop- Live-Granfathers-life-
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all 3, My Spens
Page one
History of
the lathe
Page one
History of
the lathe