Richard Paul Spens Cover Letter  
28515 Seven Mile Rd., Livonia, MI  
48152-3501   phone (248) 474-2799

Richard Paul Spens Cover Letter    e-mail
28515 Seven Mile Rd., Livonia, MI  48152-3501   phone (248) 474-2799

  To: Staff Recruiter   Nov 1, 2014
I would like to show you I have the necessary credentials and experience to meet or exceed your expectations for engineering employment for your Company.
For your employment position as:  Engineering

 My experience includes 12 years in fabrication, design and testing.  Mechanical
and electrical related experience and BSMET degree.
Received machine trades degree, Worked my way thru school in Manual and CNC
Machine shops, lathe mill and grinding parts including gearing.
Demonstrated Ability to work independently and to lead a team to complete
investigations and projects within deadlines.
Proficient in create detailed drawings and assemblies in AutoCad, Cadkey 2-D and

   With proven success in solving engineering problems from concept through
production, keep the customer satisified.  
               I believe I could make immediate results in your product.
I am pleased to have the opportunity to apply my varied skills and start solving
your problems.

Highlights of my accomplishments include:

Worked as part of international Chinese/Taiwan/American team to received U.S.  patent #5,
588,257 for garage door opener.
Reselected electrical components due to tolerances and built in component support.
Successfully resolved RF engineer differences with packaging engineers in testing Microwave
radiation reflections, interference and vibrations.
Balanced cost/benefit and resolved constraints of UL standards on manufacturing cost and
development schedule. UL test certified.
Redesigned PCD interface, eliminated parts processing problems and resultant part failures
through an improved structure and material selection.
Ended sporadic sensor read failures through a complete mechanical electrical tolerance stack,
vibrations, radiation, poor assembly.
Resolved disputes between Mechanical and RF Electrical Engineers over tolerance stack fit for
components packaging for a robust design.
Verified through testing Researched RF radiation profile and leaks with Engineers.
embly methods on factory floor with workers buy in and help to resolve problems.
Design and redesign assemblies to meet customers specifications and evaluate
mechanical/electromechanical systems
Mocked up, tested, and machined custom connector, built mold, and cast 80 plastic
assemblies Saved potential loss of program.
Completed value added plastic gear case assembly, selected lower cost stronger materials
through updated design with vendor solutions.
Reduced assembly time by 20% and QC rejects by 80% by use of custom designed fixtures
and part assembly guides on the parts using DFMA.
Designed and implemented use of inspection gauges for Gear box output shaft that resolved
disputes between vendors and engineering.
Redesigned garage door opener using 3D CAD which reduced size, increased installation,and
reduced cost ($108.78 to $96.67).

For me, designing and building things is not just a job, it is my passion. From my childhood
projects, through my choice of education, to practicing all of my hobbies, designing and
building mechanical or electrical gadgets have defined me.
Most importantly, I can quickly analyze your project, learn your objectives, and goals and do
my very best to aid you in getting there.

                                    REFERENCES AVAILABLE ON REQUEST
I do hope we can meet for a short time so I could explain more fully the valuable
contributions I could make as your design engineer. I can be reached  at (248) 474-2799.
                        Thank you for your valuable time and consideration.

                                   Richard Paul Spens
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Condensed Resume of     
Richard Paul Spens,  e-mail
                                                  28515 Seven Mile Rd., Livonia, MI  
48152-3501   phone# (248) 474-2799

                       Job title: Electro-Mechanical Engineer/Technician
 My experience includes 12 years in fabrication, design and testing.  Mechanical and electrical
related experence and BSMET degree.
Received machine trades degree, Worked my way thru school in Manual and CNC Machine
shops, lathe mill and grinding parts including gearing.
 Required Experience I have to expertly perform your job requirements.
Degree in Engineering (Mechanical or similar) BSMET from LTU.     
Required Experience I have to expertly perform your job requirements, All your Requirements met:
High school diploma or equivalent and Degree in Engineering (Mechanical ) BSMET from
LTU. Five years experience in a fast paced Machine shop environment.
Excellent driving record. Very detail oriented.
Interested in learning all details and processes.
Self-starter & get the job done right the first time, on time. Able to take
direction from multiple people, multiple projects
Able to work overtime when asked as necessary.
It is important to me to complete all tasks assigned. I have a proven history of being on
time and reliable attendance.
Experience with radial drill, Bridgeport, lathes and cutter grinder. Limited gear cutting; 2 years Cadkey CAD experience,
Including 2D, 3D and Solids.
Training in Autocad 12 and CATIA V5.

Current Employment:
Carlesimo Products Inc.
Contract June-Aug of 2011, called back direct Aug-2012-to present.
Unofficial Yard production Manager. Production layout and inspection, equipment maintaince and Machinist mold and equipment maintaince. Reported to George Roest, Plant supervisor. Make detail drawings (Layouts for production personnel) from Civil engineering and master pipe layout drawings. Layout pipe with inlets and outlets to be manufactured by production . Inspect pipe to print from layouts and code product just before loading on trucks and shipment to customer. Cut steel material to spec. for production. Build wood and metal forms for Special use. Check that workplace is safe, organized, that materials like steel, wire, steam boiler heat for curing are not wasted. Remind personal of product and or steps required for production of product to be made that day for shipment tomorrow. Remind of forgotten steps in production. Q.C. Check and number product that is actually made and direct location to truckers. Provide support to research new and replacement machines and equipment and schedule replacement before failure based on past failure rate. Machine replacement parts from sketches made from inspection of failed unavailable or high priced parts.. Prep and repair molds on the spot for rush turn around production. Check that workplace is safe, organized, that materials like steel cement Steam boiler heat for curing are not wasted. Remind personal of forgotten steps in production. Repair and re-assemble manufacturing machines and find proper replacement parts for failed or about to fail equipment.

Previous employment:
RPS Enterprises-started Developed and ran my business. 1997-2011   
Reported to the Customer-and-kept-them happy, by machining their parts to work as they
Restored several antique machines to hold origional tolerances, using remachining, scraping,
grinding and other traditional methods.
Designed and Machined large geometric models for use by a college geology department for
Created, developed, and marketed a line of make-your-own wood vehicle kits for kids.
Designed and drew plans for a house addition which was accepted by the city.  Built all
electrical, plumbing, drywall, and exterior. Included upgrading breaker box and drop.
Designed and made replacement gears using my rebuilt machines to fit into small machines,
missing them completely.
Consulted built and developrd a unique linear actuator for use in robotic arms and legs, the
actuator also is being developed into an variable force exercise machine.

Project/Design Engineer 1986-1996   The Stanley Home Automation
Reported to the Product Line Manager and Engineering Manager.  Responsible for all
mechanical research, prototypes, and production support of the
    residential garage door opener product line.  
Rebuilt disfuctional protype in the back machine shop shop myself using conepts of my boss,
and mine, over 4 days and nights into a patentable working product,
(Patent #5588257 12/31/96), Went into production for 10,000 units/yr with Chinese-USA
production and teasting and gauges and fixtures, I, we redsigned as a team.
Correctly redefined drawing and QC specifications, vendor process requirements, built
identical gauges for both Stanley and the vendor.  
Selected materials according to UL and CSA specifications while meeting cost requirements.
Designed parts in English and in Metric while using GD&T.
Designed and implemented use of inspection gauges for output shaft that resolved disputes
between vendors and engineering.
Redesigned garage door opener using 3D CAD which reduced size, improved lighting,
increased ease of customer installation, and reduced cost ($108.78 to $96.67).  
After a full tolerance stack study Reesigned and implemented use of cost reduced main drive
gearcase and gearset.

Technician, Mechanical Designer  1983-1986     Bell Northern
Research    Reported to Mechanical Group Leader.
Worked with mechanical and electrical engineers on designing, fabricating, and assembling
mechanisms using worst-case tolerance and statistical analysis.
Designed and built production fixtures for factory floor use.
Considered and resolved constraints of UL standards on manufacturing cost and
development schedule. Saved one month in UL regulatory review time loss.
Persevered with project engineers and engineering manager overnight with Engineers, three
nights in a row
  by applying my model making skills to repair re-build prototype into show quality for critical
review by Corporate Management.

Engineering Assistant                              (Full time 9/1983 - 12/1983)
LINK Engineering, (Mfg. of tire test, motor winding mach.) 3840-70
Elmira, Detroit,MI     Reported to Engineering Manager.   
Completed checker changes, updated drawings to as-built, researched and assembled
drawings into complete package for shop use.
·      Resolved disputes with machine shop by adding a specific process to transfer and
resolve drawing changes to manufacturing and the
machine shop.  Saved 1 to 3 days process time and a lot of finger pointing in each cycle.

  General Machinist                                  (1982, through summer 1983)
Zimmerman Engineering,           (design and job shop), 2460 Telegraph
Rd, Southfield, MI       Reported to owner/operator.
Maintained part tolerances, Inspected 100%,maintained QC data sheets, changed inserts and
offsets, load and unload CNC lathe and CNC Bridreport Mill.
Watched and maintained tolerances on Swiss automatic screw machines. I Improved and
repaired machinery and production facilities.
General machining, short runs, teardown and some simple set-ups.

Shop Foreman                                     (part of 1979, summer 1980, 81)
Aqua Star Pools, Ann Arbor Trail Rd. Westland, MI          Reported to
company owner, kept supervisor informed of my assignments.     
Set up woodworking and metalworking machinery, repaired and modified steel processing
equipment. Designed and developed new Apollo Octagon pool from verbal instructions,
 performed on site trouble shooting and repair, delivered and set up product.
Built prototype and tooling for preproduction showroom model of octagon pool from verbal
description by Owner.;Fool proof Design assured proper
 installation.  Improved and completed product concept displaying feasibility, installed
prototype in showroom.

    Lawrence Technological University, 1983 B.S.M.E.T., cum
laude, Electronic engineering technology degree B.S.E.E.T 2/3
Two-year H.S. vocational certificate in machine trades, 3.0 GPA
Numerious seminars. 3-D Cadkey Applicon, Graphtec Solidworks.  U.L
Test certified


    Computer skills: Custom built my own system from scratch. (hardware and software), Word
and Excell trained Walsh college, CAD experience on 3-D autocad, 2-D Cadkey, Applicon,
Gerber, and Grafteck Systems
Engineering training courses: Boothroyd-Dewherst's design for manufacture and assembly
(3 day course), ANSI Geometric Tolerance and Dimensioning (3 day course), AGMA Gear
Design Tolerance and Manufacture (1 week course), Underwriters Laboratory's Selecting &
Applying Recognized Materials and Components (2 day course), General Electric Plastic's
Design for Manufacture (5 day course), CAD/CAM 3 dimensional design for CAD-KEY (3 day
I have maintained and kept up with the latest engineering trends by continuously reviewing
and preparing to apply the latest concepts from the many trade magazines I continue to
receive. I attend many engineering trade shows such as advanced productivity & Gear expo.
    Dean's List - two years, Lawrence Institute of Technology (now called Lawrence
Technological University)
· Dean's List - one year, Schoolcraft College
· Top 12% nationally on academic comprehension test