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Complete Resume of
28515 Seven Mile Rd. Livonia, MI 48152-3501 phone# (248) 474 -2799
Objective: AutoCad Technician / Hvac Engineering
    Apply my Degree and 12 yrs hands-on design prototyping & project
organizational experience of concept through production
of mechanical & electrical devices.  An innate mechanical ability
Almosot driven understand, design, build.
I have been taking apart and rebuilding, of every mechanical and
electromechanical device I found and adapt them to new uses.
since I was 8 yrs at my dad feet (Also an hands on Engineer at
Chrysler and Burroughs Areospace) until todays multiple projects.
                  Summary of Requirements met:
· Inventor patent # 5,588,257 which was put into production enabling a
new product reintroduction with Taiwan production.
· Degree in Engineering BSMET from LIT in Southfield MI.
· 5 years of experience in powertrain engineering, 2 in heat flow, heat
tranfer, Engineer and Technician experience.
· A strong desire to expand my interest in and understanding of fluid
dynamics, thermodynamics that I aced in at LIT.
· Proven experence in 3-D drawings, parts and complete product
Assemblies, used various CAD systems at school and work.
· History handling many varied simultaneous work assignnments to
meet deadlines on multiple projects.
· An enthusiasm for modifying high performance vehicles, and my 89
Camaro RS with multiport Injection I bought new..
· Excellent computer skills including hardware,Word, Excel and
Website publishing with front page.
· History of working long hours as necessary, travel, work
· 12 years Demonstrated experience proficiency in setting up and
carrying out mechanical tests, see work history.
Some Highlights of Successes
*Inventor patent # 5,588,257 which was put into production enabling a
new product reintroduction with Taiwan production.
          *Investigated longterm gearcase oil/grease seperation and
leakage problem and with a NASA vender developed a new grease and
a new
               manufacturing process to use it. Saved 5000 dollar lawsuites,
improved gear life and did so at no extra cost.
*Solved & implemented resonance transformer induced noise
reduction program. Vibration and EMI cut 60%
*Worked overnight, three nights a row to complete assembly prototype
computer for functional and customer test review by corporate.
*UL test certified to do in house UL test to verify compliance with UL
*Correctly redefined drawing and QC specifications, vendor process
requirements, and built identical gauges for both our QC
  and the vendor for plastic timing gear.
     Employment History:
Project Devoloper   (4/1996 - present)
RPS Enterprises-Started and ran my buisness, and deveolped skills   
4/1996 - present
*Formulated spur Gear design and manufacturing program that
calculates 35 interrelated solutions using 3 input variables.
Accelerated the design
    machining & inspection of manufactured gears and gear sets.
* Consulted and built prototype prosthetic limbs with silicone rubber
skin and unique actuators.
* Conceived, developed, made drawings and constructed many
mechanical projects. I bought & rebuilt 7 machine tools to .001
* Consulted Electro-mechanical, & Chemical design development &
fabrication of Spectroscopic automated environmental water analyzer
Project/Design Engineer (6/1986-4/1996)
Stanley Home Automation, Div of The Stanley Works, Novi, MI
Reported to the Product Line Manager and Engineering Manager.
Responsible for all mechanical research, design, and production
support of the residential garage door opener product line
. Requirements included UL & CSA approval and validation,
manufacturing engineering, product testing, production cost analysis,
and evaluation of cost reduction/avoidance proposals.
Mechanical Designer / Mechanical Technician (12/1983 - 4/1986)
Bell Northern Research Northern Telecommunication’s Research &
Development division,
Ann Arbor, MI  Reported to Mechanical Group Leader.
Worked with mechanical and electrical engineers on designing,
fabricating, and assembling parts and mechanisms using worst case
functional analysis for enclosure of Modular Integrated Voice Data
System. Developed and maintained to latest revision prototypes and
of computer modules. Performed product verification through
functionality, noise, vibration, and thermal tests. Assignments involved
improving design,
testing vibration and noise of main power supply, EMF shielding of
transformer, developing electromechanical interlocks, and overcoming
power supply
bus insertion problems. Designed and built production fixtures for
factory floor use.
Engineering Assistant (Full time 9/1983 - 12/1983)
LINK Engineering, (Mfg. of tire test, motor winding mach.) Detroit,MI
Reported to Engineering Manager.
Completed checker changes, updated drawings to as-built,
researched and assembled drawings into complete package for shop
General Machinist (1982, through summer 1983)
Zimmerman Engineering, Southfield, MI Reported to owner/operator.
Shop Foreman (part of 1979, summer 1980, 81)
Aqua Star Pools, Ann Arbor Trail Rd. Westland, MI Reported to
company owner, kept supervisor informed of my assignments.
Set up woodworking and metalworking machinery, repaired and
modified steel processing equipment. Designed and developed new
"Apollo" octagon pool,
performed on site troubleshooting and repair, delivered and set up
ADVANCED EDUCATION:· Lawrence Technological University, 1983,
BSMET in Engineering, cum laude.
· Electronic Engineering Technology, degree two-thirds complete.
· Two year, High School 1000 hr. vocational certificate in machine
trades 3.0 GPA.
Engineering training courses: Boothroyd-Dewherst's design for
manufacture and assembly (3 day course), ANSI Geometric Tolerance
and Dimensioning
(3 day course), AGMA Gear Design Tolerance and Manufacture (1 week
course), Underwriters Laboratory's Selecting & Applying Recognized
Materials and Components (2 day course), General Electric Plastic's
Design for Manufacture (5 day course), CAD/CAM 3D design for CAD-
KEY (3 day course)
AWARDS: Dean's List - two years, Lawrence Institute of Technology
(now called Lawrence Technological University)
· Dean's List - one year, Schoolcraft College
· Top 12% nationally on academic comprehension test